Preko EVS v Škofji Loki

27 dec2015

ŠKOFJA LOKA – Odločili smo se za spremembo. Tokrat prispevek objavljamo v angleščini. Napisal ga je prostovoljec Okan Kaya iz Turčije, ki trenutno dela v dnevnem centru za mlade, MDC Bloku, v Škofji Loki. O izkušnji, prijateljstvih, spoznavanju kulture in krajev ter pričakovanju tistega, kar še sledi.


Preko EVS v Škofji Loki.

It has been more than 2 months since I came to Slovenia for my Evs and I started to live in a very beautiful place called Skofja Loka. For me it is an amazing place after my hometown Izmir where 5 million people live. Skofja Loka is so peaceful, natural and historical. It is like living in a painting.

And after my arrival as all Evs volunteers do, I also went to Evs Training held in Piran. Surprisingly, in this training there were 30 volunteers as generally there are 10 or 15 people in these trainings. So it also means meeting new people from a lot of different countries and cultures.

The training was for 5 days and we did a lot of different activities in every day. The first 3 days were about making activities to know each other, learn teamwork and develop our point of views.  We did very different things like holding a stick in a line with our indexfingers, answering to very liminal questions as a team, playing games and making presentations. But the most entertaining day was the day we went to Piran to make our project. Our project was asking foreigners their opinions about Slovenia in one word and asking them to act it out. Some did that some did not and we also wanted them to write their opinions. This was really funny, we talked to a lot of people from different nations. And our group was consisted of different nations like Turkish, German, Austrian, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian. All of us had the chance to meet people from their own countries.


Preko EVS v Škofji Loki.

Even I came across to three Turkish people and they were also in a short Erasmus training. So they gave us some cards which was also a part of their project and we asked them to write and act out somethings.   We had a day full of fun, learning and meeting. From my perspective, these activities helped me socialize and get in touch with people easily though I would always see myself as an easygoing person. In the end of the day, we finished our project and in the evening every group had their own presentation. Some made little skits, some made a little video summarizing their project and we showed our big cardboard which is full of different and nice words from different languages and we also showed photos and short videos. In the final day, Friday, we had a session of feedback and criticizing the process we had in this training as feedbacks are important for everybody. It helps us to develop and see future better.


Preko EVS v Škofji Loki.

For sure I have learnt a lot and I will learn a lot in these months I will spend in Slovenia. There is no doubt that I will have gains in the end of Evs. I will have a lot of experiences in different fields as dealing with kids, learning about other cultures and countries, living in a country that you cannot talk their language. Definitely there will be more gains which I cannot even think. There is another thing that I feel lucky about being in Slovenia. As a person who loves outdoors, hates hot temperature and prefers cool or cold temperature, has a wish to live in a smaller environment not like my own city, Izmir, I think I am definitely lucky. Actually it is not being just lucky because I tried hard to be in Slovenia as I already knew about Slovenia before coming. That is why I cannot just say I am lucky. But still.

Avtor: Okan Kaya

Vir in foto: MDC Blok

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